Watch: Will Kendricks retain world pole vault title?

Watch: Will Kendricks retain world pole vault title?
  • Goodnight and more on Wednesday…

    We will sign off for the day.

    You can read reports by Saj Chowdhury from Doha if you want more athletics in your life.

    Here’s his take on Dina Asher-Smith reaching the women’s 200m final and here is his write up on Adam Gemili’s tough fourth-place finish as Noah Lyles did the business in the men’s 200m final.

    If you want even more, click on the athletics tab at the top of the BBC Sport website and you’ll find videos of action, medal tables, day-by-day guides and more.

    Thank you for tweeting us and for following again today. The live page will be up from around 13:45 BST on Wednesday and you’ll be able to watch the action in it.

    Thank you again. We’ll give Noah Lyles the final shot of the night given he’s a sprint king.

    Dina tomorrow?

    Noah Lyles

    Copyright: EPA

  • Watch: Barber grabs gold

    So my friends, that is it for Tuesday, where we saw four gold medals handed out – three of which were won by America.

    Noah Lyles is the 200m king, Donavan Brazier the man over 800m and Sam Kendricks rules the pole-vault.

    So given she broke the US dominance, here’s a video of Kelsey-Lee Barber winning gold for Australia in the javelin.

    Video content

    Video caption: Barber gets javelin gold with her final throw
  • Wednesday’s coverage

    BBC Sport

    BBC coverage: 20:00-21:00 – live coverage – BBC One.

    13:45-20:00 & 21:00-22:05 – live coverage – BBC Two.

    13:45-22:30 – uninterrupted coverage – Connected TV and online in the BBC Sport live-text page.

  • What’s coming on Wednesday?

    Asher Smith

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    Number of golds:Three to be won – in men’s hammer, women’s 200m, men’s 110m hurdles

    19:40 – men’s hammer:Carlisle-born Nick Miller, 26, could be Great Britain’s best bet for a medal from the men.

    20:35 – women’s 200m: It is Dina Asher-Smith time again. The 23-year-old has reached the final and seen many of her biggest rivals withdraw from the event.

    20:55 – men’s 100m hurdles: Arguably one of the most unpredictable finals because of the jeopardy. The two leading hurdlers in the world this year are a pair of 21-year-old Americans – Grant Holloway and Daniel Roberts, but the latter was disqualified in the heats.

    Other highlights: Katarina Johnson-Thompson begins her bid for heptathlon gold.

  • Had a bad day?

    If you’re just tuning in and have had a bad day, it could be worse. You could be Takele Nigate, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow.

    Click play below and watch the clip to know what we mean.

  • Watch: Kendrick takes nail-biting pole vault gold

    Video content

    Video caption: Sam Kendrick edges out Armand Duplantis to take pole vault gold
  • Watch: Brazier wins 800m gold

    BBC Sport

    Video content

    Video caption: Brazier’s new US record earns him 800m gold

    Donavan Brazier speaks to BBC Sport after winning 800m gold for USA:“It feels wonderful but I fooled you, it wasn’t relaxed. It hurt pretty bad in the last 100m and I really had to dig pretty deep for that one.

    “I didn’t run one outdoor race last year so to come back and make the US team was enough for me.

    “I have a bigger target on my back now but I’d rather have it than not have the pressure. It’s a first American victory in 800m at a world champs so to bring it back to the US means a lot to me.”

  • Watch: Asher-Smith cruises into the final

    Video content

    Video caption: A dominant performance sends Asher-Smith through the 200m final
  • Watch: Miller-Uibo takes down 400m semi

    Video content

    Video caption: Miller-Uibo wins her semi-final in the women’s 400m
  • Post update

    Right then, time for a few catch-up videos…

  • Watch: Lyles takes 200m gold as Gemili comes home fourth

    Video content

    Video caption: Heartbreak for Gemili as Lyles takes the 200m gold medal
  • ‘Head up Adam’

  • Watch: ‘Gutted’ Gemili

    Men’s 200m final

    Video content

    Video caption: Adam Gemili says he feels like he ‘let people down’ after narrowly missing a podium finish
  • ‘I’ve been saying it since the season started’

    Lyles wins 200m world title

    Noah Lyles

    Copyright: Getty Images

    American Noah Lyles speaking to BBC Sport: “So many times I thought in my brain I’m going to be world champion this year.

    “I have it on my phone, I’ve been saying it since the season started, every day I’ve been hitting my car window on the way back from practice saying, ‘I’m going to be world champion this year’ as the music blasted out.

    “This is my first one and I don’t know a lot of people who can say they came to their first world championships and grabbed the gold.”

  • What it all means…

    The latest medal table

    Great Britain still only have Dina Asher-Smith’s 100m silver to show for their work so far. Still, she looks a great bet for gold over 200m having made the final and there’s also Katarina Johnson-Thompson to come in the heptathlon.

    Medal table

    Copyright: Getty Images

  • ‘It was not a mistake in his execution’

    Men’s 200m final

    Michael Johnson

    Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC TV in Doha

    When you look at the times, Adam Gemili’s personal best is 19.97 so for him to say ‘I didn’t get under 20 seconds’…Alex Quinonez was close to his personal best.

    I think when he goes back and looks at this he will see that those guys ran well compared to his personal best.

    He has to change how he runs at the end of the race. It was not a mistake in his execution.

  • GB woe, US dominance…

    Interestingly Denise Lewis says the fact Great Britain only have one medal at this stage is “grim reading” right now.

    Michael Johnson points to the fact the USA have now won the men’s 800m, the 200m and the 100m.

  • To the victor the spoils…

    Lyles wins 200m world title

    Noah Lyles

    Copyright: .

  • Gemili heartbroken…

    Men’s 200m final

    BBC Sport

    Adam Gemili speaks to BBC Sport after finishing fourth in the 200m World Championship final: “I am just gutted. I had it, I had it. I gave it everything. I lost all my balance at the end. I had nothing left. All my form went out of the window and I ran like such an amateur. This was such an opportunity, I can’t believe that. I let it go when I had it. I am so sorry.

    “I feel like I have let so many people down. So many people have believed in me and sent me nice messages. The last two years I have been plagued with injuries and to get back where I should be, to not break 20 seconds is so disappointing and heartbreaking. I had the medal and it slipped out of my hands.

    “I have to take the positives I guess. It’s re-lit something inside of me now. Go to Tokyo next year, it’s winnable.”

  • Post update

    Adam Gemili is incredibly upset as he speaks to the BBC. More on that in a moment.

    Meanwhile down on the track, Noah Lyles is celebrating with the US flag. It’s some contrast…

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