Stock picks from Goldman Sachs’ best portfolio strategy of 2019

Stock picks from Goldman Sachs’ best portfolio strategy of 2019
  • Goldman Sachs’ selection of US stocks with high international sales has outperformed all the firm’s other portfolio baskets and the S&P 500 this year. 
  • The resurgence of foreign-linked stocks is a reversal from last year’s trend when domestically oriented stocks won out. 
  • The list below contains stocks with the highest weightings in Goldman’s basket. 
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US companies that generate most of their profits overseas have staged a powerful reversal this year compared to their domestic-facing counterparts. 

Last year saw the reverse trend in place: investors favored companies that were more exposed to the US consumer because the economy was growing above trend. 

Goldman Sachs’ equity analysts attribute the U-turn to a slowdown in US economic growth relative to the rest of the world and a weaker trade-weighted dollar.

These trends turned around most decisively during the first half of the year, as trade tensions between the US and China boiled over. It was so powerful that, even now, Goldman’s basket of stocks with high international sales remains its top-performing portfolio strategy year-to-date. 

The basket has earned a 29% total return versus 23% for both the S&P 500 and Goldman’s basket of stocks with high domestic sales. 

Listed below are the 13 stocks could continue to benefit if these performance patterns hold. The median company in Goldman’s basket generates 70% of its revenue outside the US versus 29% for the median S&P 500 firm.

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